Quincess Cattery in Easton, PA

Quincess is a small cattery, located in eastern Pennsylvania, and owned by Nancy Frank. My breeding program is devoted to the Oriental Shorthair breed with emphasis on health first, temperament second and beauty third.

I come from a cat focused background and have spent many years being owned and loved by cats, with the last six years focused on showing spayed and neutered cats in CFA. My love for Orientals was unleashed six years ago when I was searching for a slinky type cat. I was referred to a breeder in Florida, Roeann Fulkerson, who ultimately has become my best friend, support and mentor.

QuinnRoeann graciously sold me a female fawn ticked tabby Oriental Shorthair that I named Quinn, a cat who was supposed to spend her life as my companion cat. I was not planning on showing, but was talked into taking Quinn to “just one show” – the rest is history as I was quickly “hooked” by the amazing sweetness and beauty of Quinn and also the show arena. Needless to say, I have been showing Orientals ever since.

Quinn showed well and became a Grand Premier, ending the show season as a Regional Winner as well as Best Oriental Shorthair in Premiership at the CFA International Cat Show that year.

Since then, I have granded and attained Regional Awards on a Siamese and four more Orientals:

  • GP,RW Kingpin Alexander Valentine – Seal point Siamese neuter
  • GC, GP Oyate Taylor – cinnamon spotted Oriental Shorthair neuter
  • GC, GP, RW Gwydian Melian – odd-eyed white Oriental Shorthair
  • GP,RW Purrmatix Jimmy Choo – ebony ticked and white bicolor Oriental Shorthair- co-owned with Terrie Smith
  • GP,RW Purrmatix Jason Wu – ebony ticked and white bicolor Oriental Shorthair – co-owned with Terrie Smith
  • GC Compass Rose Donnakaran of Quincess – blue cream pointed/white – was third best of breed regionally
  • GC, RW Compass Rose Deal Me In of Quincess – chestni ticked tabby – was second best of breed regionally
  • GC Jubatus Vienna of Quincess – ebony spotted tabby -8th best OSH adult and 3rd best OSH kitten in CFA
  • GC Compass Rose Karlie Rat of Quincess – green eyed white
  • GC Quincess Kate Spade – ebony calico and white


vienna GC Jubatus Vienna of Quincess has temporarily retired from showing to have babies. My sincere thanks to Vienna’s breeder, Kseniya Medvedeva of Jubatus Cattery (Russia), for trusting me with her girl and also with the arrival of a male kitten in January who will also enter my breeding program.
Devils FoodcakeWe welcome our new male Jubatus Devils Foodcake of Quincess and again thank his breeder Kseniya Medvedeva of Jubatus Cattery (Russia) for giving me the trust and support to add him to our home.

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